Dinkar Rao who is a Director, Producer and Editor.He is the owner of the company Lavanya Entertainment.

About Dinkar rao

He is also the Member Western India Film Producers Association Mumbai & Member Screenwriters Association Mumbai. He has done a Diploma in communications World Future Studies Federation Barcelona Spain.

He has also directed many films that have been mentioned below-

1.Film ASTHI premiered at Cannes Film Festival Court Metrage 

A girl Meera who runs off with her mother's Ashes to Haridwar to immerse them. Meera(Antara) is full of conflicts and sadness as old memories and the golden soothing voice of her mother, Saroja Devi come back. She visits the ghats but is unable to immerse them. A surreal conversation begins with the Ashes as she travels the Ganges. Shot in Haridwar, a ambiance and the Ganga are mesmerizing. Written by Dinkar rao




2.Feature film Railway Raju 

Raju is the star wrestler of the Bhaiyaji gang and is pulled into the life of crime in the battle with the Suleman Qureshi gang. Maya is a girl living along the Ganges river and is kidnapped into a "Shotgun marriage" with a drunkard doctor. Raju and Maya fall in love and are separated by the life of crime of Raju.Finally, the holy town of Varanasi at the banks of the Ganga river explodes into the gang war Raju tries to get Maya's love but the cops are at his heels.



The film is released by PVR-Vkaao in Mumbai.-


3.Feature film Papoo Photowalah 

Nina Edwards comes to India in search of the diary of , John Nicholson , the hero of British East India company in 1857 and it's maps to the hidden treasure of 1000 years of India.The Papoo Photowalah has beaten everyone to it.He sits on the mother of all treasures on earth.



4.Black Widow: A Land Bleeds (2017)

SZoya the black widow is set in the post riots Mumbai. SZoya, a widow from these riots takes up prostitution .In a country fraught with divides of gender, class,caste and religion,SZoya finds herself increasingly alienated.



5.The first Indian Woman detective of Mumbai in the documentary Lady James Bond 

Rajani Pandit. An extraordinary woman , Rajani Pandit is a private investigator , the first woman to be so in Mumbai.


https://thefirstdetectives.wordpress.com/2016/08/30/dinkar-rao-director-of-the-lady-james-bond/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9408854/

He has also made other documentaries that are given below-

Documentary film on the Tibetans in Dharamshala over a period of six months Tibetans of Mcleodganj. 

Documentary film Snake Dancers of the Thar was selected at the Work in Progress lab at Film Bazaar, NFDC Goa. 

Television series Sahara (40 Episodes on DD National Television ), SAFAR for national television, Deewangi- Anokhi Chahat a crime murder mystery thriller, Rohtak Express (under production, comedy series) , Billobhai (a social comedy). Online producer and directed the short films Popcon (An Indo French collaboration film Asiexpo Lyons) and Home Game (An Indo German film).  Sibba the drag queen ,  Footsteps of Corbett and  Stallions of the Thar . Documentary films for CRD Gujarat