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Feature Film SZOYA THE BLACK WIDOW (A LAND BLEEDS) has been Directed by Dinkar Rao and Produced by Lavanya Entertainment . (35mm Wide screen Kodak Eastman Color ). Zoya , a riots widow is working as a prostitute in Mumbai. She meets a cabbie Raghu who takes her to the clients over the nights. Zoya , her past , her clients and a relationship with Raghu which borders on a love hate romance form the storyline which goes into a plane of retribution , rebellion , religious taboos and sexual perversion for Zoya.

Railway Raju is a contemporary Uttar Pradesh based crime wrestling gangster movie ,the first installment in the saga of a trilogy . The Hindi language film was shot with a mainly first time theatre actors’ cast in the northern spiritual town of Varanasi.Raju , a railway tout turned wrestler , Rosie , a dancer who wants to hit big and Maya , an 18 year old in a Shotgun Marriage. The HOLY CITY OF BENARAS HAS EXPLODED.The Ganga is soaked in blood .

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