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In the year 2018 Lavanya Entertainment has emerged as a leading film production company producing films all over India on interesting stories.

Asthi (Ashes)

A girl decides to go to the Ganges to immerse the ashes of her mother all by herself and faces many conflicts.
Court Metrage (Short Film Corner) at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

Indian short film exploring mother-daughter bond makes it to Cannes.

Dhanush launched Asthi film poster at Cannes 2018

Asthi (NDTV News)


Rouge wrestling gangs of Benaras

Railway Raju is a contemporary Uttar Pradesh based crime wrestling gangster movie.The Hindi language film was shot with a mainly first-time theater actors’ cast in the northern spiritual town of Varanasi. Raju, a railway tout turned wrestler, Rosie, a dancer and Maya, an 18-year-old girl kidnapped into a Shotgun Marriage.All three trapped into the gang war between the rouge wrestling gangs.

Papoo Photowalah:

SZoya the black widow: