Lavanya Entertainment


Lavanya Entertainment was born out of a group of directors ,screenplay writers & cinematographers from the Mumbai film world and theatre & acting  trainers from Delhi in 2010 in Old Delhi while planning to shoot our Info British film, to make feature films , short films , documentary films for the vast Indian and European market and film festivals.

We have completed many projects travelling by air , boat , road and mules all over India.

Since then we added more than 50 film professionals through our freaked out film corner Mumbai Film School Delhi , where we are nurturing raw talent.

We discuss “Scorcese films” to “No country for old men” to ” Kurosawa to Stayajit Ray to Scarface to Godfather.

Recently we completed a Gangs film with 25 school professionals.We have made every form of films – which include from making guerilla films to big films with Mumbai crews and shot in cities , the hills , deserts and on the seafront .We have our own sets and studios. We also have our own camera crews.
We will help you in making the best movies, Web series , Advertising films and documentaries in Shoe String budgets. Welcome to Lavanya Entertainment.

Now being helmed by the creative team of the two sisters Lavanya Rao and Antara Rao. The average age of our team is 25 years .