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Every film production company starts small. And then we grow. Have faith. If you know your work in film making , no one can stop you. The world has changed from 35 mm kodak colour negative to digital. The great leap. This is the best time for films , the best times for actors. The digital platform is your great stage and you are the actors. NO ONE CAN STOP YOU , NO ONE .

Our Story

We were in the RED for 7 years. Today 3 feature films and 25 documentaries later  with great cinematic experiences from around the globe we  visit the bank with dignity. We have worked with over 500 actors and technicians in our journey of over a decade. Yes , we may not be on the top at Bollywood but we love our work.Our work is our meditation , our work is our karma and our work is our utopia.

Meet the Team

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Dinkar Rao

Founder & Director


Lavanya Rao

Project Designer & Creative Head


Sitaram Yadavalli

Overseas Producer


Fuji -The Illegal Man… a feature film

Women Criminals of India ….Web Series Undercover Indian

Carpett Sahib- footsteps of Jim Corbett ….Web Series on wild life Sins of Skins

Sams’ Cafe ….web series on youth , sex , relationships , romance , love and passion.

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